Eureka! Survivor 2 Backpacking Tent

This was my first experience with using a Eureka! product, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

I was slightly familiar with the name when I purchased this tent, but the main reason I made the purchase was simply that it seemed to fit my needs at a reasonable price.

quick specks.png

Best Used:

This is a two person tent. It’s for that reason that this tent is a great option for backpackers simply looking for some extra interior room. This could be helpful if you enjoy rolling around in your tent, if you need extra space for an adventure pup, or, of course, if you have two people that plan on sleeping in the same tent.

If you are backpacking with two full grown adults the fact that there is only one vestibule might pose a bit of a problem. Nevermind having to crawl over each other to get out – you won’t really have enough room for both packs.

On the upside, you can split the weight between the packs and only have to tote around about 2 pounds per person. Not ultra lightweight, but not bad!

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a two-person tent to start out with (that isn’t hundreds of dollars) this would be a good option, but if you plan on regularly backpacking with two adults you should consider something with 2 vestibules.

This tent is best used by backpackers that want extra room and don’t mind the extra weight they carry for it. Likewise, if you’re traveling with a dog or child this is a great option.


Happy trails!



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Cape Disappointment Campground

Cape Disappointment Campground is the most popular campground along the Washington coastline- and for good reason. It’s large, open year-round, within walking distance of the ocean, well-maintained, has a small general goods store, and it isn’t far away from many other fun beach activities. Need I say more?

Rating: ★★★★★
Extra Parking:  $10 per vehicle
Online Reservations:  Yes!
Max Length:  45 ft. (Limited Availability)
Hookups: Yes
Restrooms:  Flush Toilets + Showers
Potable Water: Yes

With over 200 campsites (in addition to the yurts and cabins) there’s a lot to choose from when visiting this campground. You can make online reservations, but be aware that you’ll likely have to plan ahead during the warmer months- this is a popular park after all!

If you catch a weekend with good weather (or even if you don’t) this is a great place to visit. The campground has its own beach access and the sites are all comfortable. You can see an example of one of the campground’s loops pictured below, but many of the sites within the campground are more private than the ones pictured.


Along with the hookup and tent camping sites, there are also cabins and yurts avalible. These are a perfect option if you’re planning on going during the offseason when the chance of rain is much higher than in the summer. 

You can make a cabin/yurt reservation in much the same way as you reserve other sites; simply navigate to the Washington State Park’s reservation website (link) and select the site you’d like to reserve!


Each loop has potable water, flushing toilets, and pay to use showers (you’ll buy shower tokens to use them). The restrooms are well maintained, and when we visited in October they even had a fresh coat of paint!

You can see an example of one of the restroom blocks pictures below.



Washington State Parks: Cape Disappointment

NOAA Weather Forcast


WA State Parks: Rules and Regulations


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