Category: Southwest WA

McLane Nature Trail

The McLane Nature Trail is a wonderful option if you want to get a little time outdoors on an otherwise busy weekend. It is located within the Capital State Forest and offers a nice dose of Washington’s native flora and fauna. Location: Southwest WA,…


Little Mashel Falls

“Little Mashel Falls” is actually three different waterfalls in one area. They are all located within the Pack Forest and, fortunately, there are no passes or fees required to enjoy this trail! Location: Southwest WA, Eatonville Roundtrip: 5 mi. Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Gain:…

Cape Disappointment

Hike through history as you traverse one of the best parts of Washington’s coastline. Cape Disappointment got its name when one of the first European captains to sail along the coast failed to navigate through the sandbars at the mouth of the Columbia River….