Quinault Rainforest Loop

If this is your first trip to the Quinault area, the Quinault Rain Forest Loop is a wonderful choice! It’s an easy and very accessible trail that guides you through a lush temperate rainforest.

Location: Olympic Peninsula, Quinault
Roundtrip: 3.9 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Gain: 500 ft
Rating: ★★★★

Trail Map.jpg

The map above includes several of the other hikes in the area. We’ve highlighted the route we took, but if you’re interested in finding more there is a wonderful Ranger Station near the Inn. They have a binder full of pictures and maps of specific trails and the rangers and volunteers are incredibly helpful!

We’ll also include a (non-highlighted) printable PDF version in the resources below!

If the ranger station is closed you can take a look in the outdoor nook right outside the front door. This area displays area maps and conditions.


The Rain Forest Loop is a well-maintained trail. Luckily, volunteers work to cut back the forest just enough to keep the trail wide and accessible (it gets grown over so fast!).

There is also a smaller Rain Forest trail that includes interpretive signs and some really neat sights. If you have the time, this little trail is worth the trek!


The route we took included the Lakeshore Trail. We’ll dive more into that in another post, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message via the Contact page above!


Are There Toilets? : Yes. It doesn’t matter where you start the loop- there are bathrooms nearby.

 How about Picnic Tables? : The options here are more limited, but there is a nice cafe in the mercantile!

 Do I Need a Parking Pass? : It depends on where you park. If you park at the ranger station you won’t need a pass, but if you park in the day-use area by the smaller Rain Forest Loop you’ll need a Discovery Pass or a day pass.

 Are Dogs Allowed? : Yes!

Can We Camp Here? : Yes! There are 3 campgrounds on this side of the lake; one of those campgrounds is open year-round

 When is the Best Time to Visit? : Any time! Just make sure to bring your rain gear.

Additional Resources:

NOAA Weather Forecast

Quinault Recreation Trail System Map

Washington Trails Association Link

Reserve a Campsite: Willaby (year-round camping)

Happy Trails!


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