Deer Park Campground

Getting to Deer Park might be a touch intimidating if you don’t often find yourself driving up mountains on narrow dirt roads. That being said, the road is well maintained and the view is well worth the 20-mile drive from the highway (9 of which are on the dirt road).

Rating: ★★★★ (.5)
Price:  $17 per night
Online Reservations:  No
Max Length:  Not Recommended for Trailers
Hookups: None
Restrooms:  Vault Toilets
Potable Water: None

A higher clearance vehicle is recommended for this road, and this is not a campground for RVs or even most trailers. Don’t fret too much though; our Subaru made it with no trouble at all. You can see a short clip in the above video of an example of the road within the campground, but this was the worst section of the entire drive up. The main road in, despite being dirt, is quite flat easy, riding.


The views from the campground are spectacular both day and night (if it’s not too cloudy). The campsites themselves range from very private to more open with wide views of the sky. Don’t expect too many neighbors though- this is a small campground of only 14 sites after all.


“Pets and bicycles are not permitted on the trails. Open fires outside of campground fire pits are not permitted above 3,500 feet. Backpackers must obtain a wilderness camping permit.”                                                                         

                                                                                                      – Olympic National Park

Keep in mind that there is no potable water here; make sure you have enough before heading up! At night ensure your food is in an animal safe container (such as your car, a bear canister, or the lockers provided by the park).

There is a Ranger Station nearby, but it is only occasionally occupied and only during warmer months (the road is closed in winter).


Take a look at the map below for hiking ideas (if you have the stamina, Obstruction Point shouldn’t be missed!), and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!



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