Dehydrated Chicken

Dehydrating chicken is relatively fast and easy, and getting into the habit of making your own backpacking meals can save you a ton of money!

This is a quick guide on how to dehydrate chicken to be used in your very own backpacking meals!


Begin this process with good quality chicken breasts. They will contain the lowest amount of fat. The goal is to remove all of the remaining fat before dehydration as it can spoil the end product.

Cut off any skin or fat that may remain and chunk the chicken into squares of about 2 inches.

Boil these chicken chunks until fully cooked (about 10 minutes). Some fat will be released and float to the top of the water – that’s great!


Spread the chunks of chicken out on your dehydrator and leave for 5-7 hours, or until chunks are completely dry.



There are a few options for rehydrating your chicken.

If you don’t mind a slightly chewy texture you can throw it right in whatever recipe you’re making. When it’s time to cook the meal you’ll add the mixture to boiling water, turn down the heat, and let sit until it’s ready to eat; the amount of time it will spend rehydrating will depend on a lot of things, but you can just test a piece when you think it might be tender enough to eat (this is my preferred method).

If you want really tender chicken you’ll want to pack the chunks in their own container. On the day you want to include chicken in a meal add some water a few hours prior to cooking and let it soak.

If you choose to cold soak your chicken you can add the water when you’re packing up camp in the morning and it’ll be ready to go at dinner (it’s not required to soak that long, though)


If you have any questions about this, or anything on our site, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Happy trails!


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